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The idea for the Custom Car Builders website has been germinating for many years. We are car enthusiasts with a passion for most everything with 4 wheels and a motor; classic American muscle cars to British sports cars to Hot Rods. We follow Nascar and Formula 1 as well as regional SCCA racing. Our tastes are wide, and it boils down to one thing which is cars.

Custom Car Restoration Directory

After working with some custom car restorers in the Southeast, there seemed to be a space in the market for a digital directory. A central place where the car enthusiast could visit to find the shop to fit their needs. Whether you are doing a DIY restoration or looking for a full-service custom restoration specialist – aims to be the first place you look.

As we launch this website in 2020, we envision our evolution as we gain traction. We plan to start as a US based online directory. Classic car restoration specialists and car builders will list their businesses here, by state, providing a one-stop-shop for the car enthusiast. As well as custom shops, we will list providers of all services related to your project. We welcome automotive upholsterers, metal fabricators, specialty parts houses and more.

Our goal

In addition to functioning as an online directory, we will incorporate a blog with interesting articles about classic cars and car restoration. Occasionally we will highlight those people in the industry who have had an impact. People like Carroll Shelby or drivers and team owners like Mario Andretti or Roger Penske.

As this directory comes together and grows, we welcome feedback from our customers and visitors. If you would like to list your business in the directory please complete the Contact Form on the website.

We consider guest publishers who are true automotive enthusiasts with a story to tell. We can’t approve every request and ask your understanding.

To send feedback use the Contact Form or join our Facebook Group Custom Car Builders.