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Vintage, first generation, Ford Bronco ranger wagon

Should you Restomod Your Classic Car?

Matt Holden Definition: Restomod [resto-mod] v. (note: totally made up definition!) A restomod car is a classic or vintage vehicle …

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1968 Pontiac Firebird 400 logo and front end

5 Best Cars and Trucks to Restomod (a completely subjective list)

Matt Holden Well, since we got that disclaimer out of the way, let me give you a rundown of what …

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The 1961 Icon: Technical Evolution of the E-Type Jaguar (Part 2)

Although it may appear that the Jaguar E-Type entered the world as a fully realized dream; the culmination of the …

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Doug Campbell 66 E-type

The 1961 Icon: Jaguar E-Type Still Exudes Elegance and Class (Part 1)

After 60 Years The XKE Continues to Turn Heads It has been 60 years since the arrival of the Jaguar …

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The American Muscle Car: The Seventies

The Muscle Car: The Early Years  We’ve talked about the early years of the American Muscle Car in the first …

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The American Muscle Car: The Beginning

It would be hard to envision the history of classic American cars without the existence of muscle cars. Although its …

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