We might be located in the mountains but our customers come from across the country and around the world. Our reputation reaches many car enthusiasts who are looking for a custom car builder in Atlanta because we are only a short two hour drive away in the beautiful mountains just north of Atlanta. And because we are a smaller shop than many of the custom car shops in the big cities we actually focus on the select projects we take on giving each car the attention you would expect.

When you trust your car to us you will be given a free pass to visit the shop and see the progress and if that is not convenient we will give you access to a private page on our website where you can see dated pictures every step of the way.
Many of our owners look to us for their Atlanta custom car restoration because it is the perfect excuse for a day out in the beautiful North Georgia/Western North Carolina mountains. Since a lot of our customers have second homes on Lake Burton, Lake Rabun or Highlands/Cashiers we are the perfect shop as we are only a short 30 minute drive from all of those summer destinations. If you spend time in the area in the summer it would be ideal for you to trust your muscle car restoration or other complete car restoration or partial car restoration to us.

If you plan to leave Atlanta and take a drive up to our area, why not give us a call and arrange a time to meet Gary to discuss your car restoration project. We welcome custom car restoration projects from Atlanta and are happy to provide testimonials and references about our work. And if you don’t want to trailer your car yourself, we can help you arrange transportation to our shop.

Give us a call today (828) 202-2121