Partial Vehicle Restoration

A partial restoration can mean a number of things and we will work with you in each circumstance.

  • You may wish to do the some or all of the body work and pre-painting prep work prior to bringing us your car for the final prep before custom painting
  • Your vehicle might only be in need of one aspect of the restoration
  • Maybe you wish to restore your car in stages doing each stage at different times
  • Your vehicles shows signs of rust which needs to be removed and restored quickly before further damage occurs, restoring the vehicle at a later date

Complete Vehicle Restoration

Your vehicle will first be stripped down to the bare metal.  Once all paint and fillers are removed all metal replacements and body work will be carefully completed before the building and painting begins.

The benefit to a full restoration is with the vehicle being stripped down to bare metal all rust can be removed or cut out.  This alleviates any issues with rust in the future. For this type of work we offer a life-time guarantee of our work.

Rotisserie Restoration

A rotisserie restoration is when the car is stripped down to the bare metal and completely disassembled and the body placed on a rotisserie. This allows work to be done on the bottom as well as the top to make the vehicle underneath as new as the top. This is the premium type of restoration for a show car or vehicle being restored to absolute perfection.